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For wedding parties of 7 or more, the Glowing Bride or Gentleman's Vitality IV is free for the Bride or Groom. Parties of 12 or more, both are free.

Looking and feeling your best is always important, but it is especially important on your wedding day! At vIVe Hydration Therapy, we help you achieve maximum vitality with a blend of powerful vitamins and minerals. From helping you achieve radiant skin, hair, and nails to helping you achieve a beautiful and natural tan by aiding your body in melanin production we’ve got you covered.

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Parties, And Special Events

The Glowing Bride

We offer a wide range of hydration therapies. Our Glowing Bride IV will leave you looking and feeling your best on your wedding day.

The Gentleman’s Vitality

We have the Groom covered as well! Our Gentleman’s Vitality IV will give you a boost of energy & immunity as well as making sure you’re ready for the big night!

The Wedding Party

Need gifts for your wedding party? You already have enough to plan and do, why not have vIVe Hydration Therapy come to your hotel and give the gift of vitality and energy?

Keep The Party Going

If you are planning your bachelor or bachelorette beach party, make sure you keep the party going after the first night with our Beach Bar Cure All IV!